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Recently I found myself in the middle of an exciting event that I had not planned to attend. As a matter of fact, you too may want to capture an image on the fly. You may not have your super professional SLR camera or even your point-and-shoot camera handy. However, most of us are more likely to be carrying a cell phone with some kind of camera.
Do you use your cell phone’s camera? I have yet to get a good shot out of mine! I find when you are in a bright environment, the reflection and glare from the viewing surface makes shooting difficult if not impossible.
I believe that some cameras on phones are designed to be of good quality and others are feature extras that are so-so. Although this article is not meant to be a product review, I can see from other reviewers that the Apple Iphone 4 and HTC EVO 4G are at the top of the pack. So far I do not care for cell phone cameras…already I have clicked a pic by mistake on the touch screen too many times.
For some great advice for the digitally challenged, or for those who insist on using only one compact mobile device for all their digital and communication needs, please look at this informative article:

Come on people, am I really that overweight, wrinkled, pale, depressed in the photo you just took of me? What happened to the top of my head? Why is there more of the background than my face in this picture? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?
Okay, I am all for honesty. But in your portrait photos you want to bring out the best and diminish the not-so-wonderful features.
I have a client who STILL has not posted a Facebook profile pic because he admits he is way too overweight. I propose to him that YES you can look good in a portrait photo that has been shot with a thoughtful photographer making best use of lighting and shadows and setting or backdrop WITHOUT the manipulation of the image in Photoshop.
In addition, for that aged or overweight or drug-addicted individual you want to emphasize their character rather than their shortcomings.
The best photographer waits for the perfect moment when the soul shines through the eyes. When the dancer strikes the coolest, most unpredictable pose.
So here’s to more interesting and complimentary portrait photos! Make me look good, please.

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Check out Scott Anderson’s blog:

“I am honoring Americans who keep alive the traditional arts and crafts that built our country’s dynamically diverse culture and established the underpinnings of our society. I am creating narrative photographic portraits of people who use their hands in traditional ways, doing things that are, today, typically done by machines (if at all). My focus is on those crafts that produced functional items that were needed by their communities, rather than those that are done primarily for artistic expression. These include individuals such as blacksmiths, weavers, spinners, glass blowers, potters, cobblers, manuscript illuminators, book binders, and so forth.” Sally Wiener Grotta

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Conscientious | Photoshop before there were computers: “The Art of Retouching and Improving Negatives and Prints”.

The current trend is to desire and buy the newest hottest technology out there. It truly is amazing what technology can do. The multiple apps on your smart phone allow you to access a universe of information with the press on the screen. New digital cameras promise more pixels, more options and sharpness and  bigger and better lenses. Because of social networking, we are able to connect with friends and “friends”, expanding our human network not imaginable by previous means.

However this all comes with a cost. Yes, I am talking about the price tag. The marvelous invention Ipad 2 costs nearly $600. A high end SLR digital camera is $700 and up. In a down economy we are pricing some folks out of the tech consumer category, effectively creating high tech envy.

The best artists are still creating art with tried but true low tech tools. Look at the pinhole camera. Did you know you can make a pinhole camera out of an oatmeal box?  The basics of physics apply, yet the results are unpredictable and magical. Basically the pinhole on one side of the box serves as the lense. A piece of photo sensitive paper is place inside the home-made camera inside a darkroom. When the pinhole is uncovered, an image is imposed onto the paper.

Here is a website devoted to how to build a pinhole camera from an oatmeal box:

Check out these intriguing pinhole photos by Sharon Harris. You can see more in the Photography section of my blog.

Check out the new pinhole photos by my friend Sharon Harris. Sharon has been experimenting with pinhole photography for several years and has mastered the technique enough to achieve her own unique images. Success with pinhole photography is a matter of luck and staging. You never know what you are going to get which makes this art even more fresh and magical. More photos by Sharon are on the Photography section.

Photo retouch service is available for your not-quite-right photos. Whether it is getting the red eye out, de-emphasizing wrinkles, or a total restoration of an old family photo, our talented retouch artists can handle the job. Navigate over to Photo Retouch for more information.


The warm weather descending upon our area is so welcome! As the snow melts, exposing the piles of fall leaves we didn’t get to rake, I am reminded that I’ve got work to do. Not only is the interior of our house messy with the deposits of everyday family life, but also my resume has been picked apart for the third time since September. It seems each career counselor, colleague and friend has a different opinion as to the proper format. ACK!!